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Monday, May 10, 2004

No more SOB

This past weekend, I met with a few people in order to help start a group called "No More Son of a Bush." It is a group for young political activists who wish to see George Bush's sorry butt ridden out of Washington on a rail. We are going to try to reach out to young potential voters in the area, and get them to first register to vote, and then vote for John Kerry. To that end, we want to put together a pair of concerts. The first one would be close to the deadline for registering to vote, and the entry fee to the concert would be registering at the front (or bringing your voter registration card, if you had already registered). The second concert would be on election night, and the entry fee would be proof that you voted (most polling places have "I voted!" stickers, or something similar). We are also wanting to send out fliers to potential voters who may not have all of the information on Bush and Kerry.

Anyone in the Tarrant County, TX area who would be interested in joining or getting information about No More SOB can e-mail me at randomliberal@email.com, or our fearless leader Vanessa at nomoresob@yahoo.com, or say so in the comments of this post. Also, if you have money just kind of floating around that you would like to donate to our organization (doubtful, I know), again let me know. I will send you whatever you need to confirm that, yes, we really are a political organization, and no, I won't just take your money and spend it all on booze and women.



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