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Thursday, July 08, 2004

A little bit of kindness

Today I was able to see two examples of the people in this world in McDonalds, of all places. After my stepmom, my kid sister, and I ordered our meals and sat down, a lady walked over to our booth and placed a couple of cards on our table. The card read "Hello! I am deaf. I am selling this card for a living. Pay what you wish, $1.50 or $2.00." My stepmother immediately dug two dollars out of her purse and gave them to the lady. The lady's face lit up into a bright smile and she signed "Thank-you". I grinned back and did the sign for "Welcome". Her smile grew even bigger. A man sitting in the booth behind us asked me to get her attention, which I did and she walked over to him. He gave her some money and a coupon. Satisfied with what we had done, we went back to eating our meal.

The lady then walked over to two other tables. The first table politely declined to buy a card and she moved on. At the other table, one of the girls looked at the card, laughed, and commented to her friend "I am NOT paying for that card." They handed the cards back to the lady, who nodded and moved on. After the lady had walked to a different part of the resturaunt, they proceeded to talk in very loud and obnoxious voices, such as "... one dollar to two-fifty?!" and "oh, my gosh. That lady is sooo freaky." Then they got quiet and I thought that that was the end of it. Or so I thought.

While I was up getting a refill, I heard one of the girls complaining to a manager about the lady. It made me so angry and I thought "What a jerk! How shallow can people be, that they don't even think about others' feelings?!" Soon after the girls stood up and left.

Now that I've calmed down and thought about it, I realize that not everybody is going to immediately give up their spare change to a person that needs it and that not everyone in this world is considerate of what their actions may make a fellow human being feel. All I can do is be like my stepmom and the man in the booth behind us and keep some spare money in my wallet the next time I go out.