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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Kerry's affairs...

I hate doing this following crap, because I think the story is dumb and irrelevant, and because it's part of one of the true media biases (the scandal bias, usually sex scandals), but Drudge is saying that John Kerry had an affair with an intern. According to Daily Kos, this is old news. It appears that, if true, this does not necessarily mean that Kerry cheated on his wife. The affair probably occurred while Kerry was between wives. Kerry apparently was known as a playboy on Capitol Hill.

I don't think that will matter to the Bush/Rove smear machine. Bush panders to the religious right, which overwhelmingly believes that any sex outside of marriage, even if it's not adulterous, is immoral. Bush will hack this to death, casting Kerry as a man without any morals, and cast him in the same light as Clinton. While most Americans won't care, it will have the added affect of replacing actual issues on the front page. Depending on if the papers run this story tomorrow, as many bloggers expect, I may or may not have more on this subject.

Looking on the bright side, this can only help my man Dean. I hope it doesn't come down to that, but...



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