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Monday, February 23, 2004

Ralph Nader

I watched Ralph Nader's interview with Jim Lehrer tonight (here's the transcript), and I have to say that I came away more impressed with Nader than was before. Don't get me wrong, I still think that he's running for egotistical reasons, but I'm less hostile to him now than I was. He has a good message, and this year I think he will not hurt the Democrats as he did two years ago. His goal, and what I think (and hope) will happen, is to draw votes away from George Bush. There are many conservatives who are disgusted with Shrub (mainly because he's not really conservative; he's actually closer to authoritarian), but do not trust the Democratic Party. So, instead of having to hold their noses and vote for the Democratic nominee, Nader gives them another alternative.

Nader has also said that he will not attack the Democrats unless they attack him first. He wants to focus all of his efforts on Bush. I believe that as long as this happens, and as long as Democrats stay on message, and keep up the spirit of Howard Dean, as they have done fairly well so far, they have nothing to worry about. So, I won't worry. Yet.



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