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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Someone destroyed the Constitution!

One of my absolute favorite columnists, Linda Campbell, writes about an absolute monstrosity of a bill, the Constitution Restoration Act. I don't really know very much about the bill, because today was the first I had heard of it. However, it is clear that it is a right wing reaction to judicial "activism," especially the decision last year that former Judge Roy Moore could not post the Ten Commandments in the state courthouse. That decision, if you'll remember, wound up costing Moore his seat on the state Supreme Court. Not coincidentally, Moore was in on the writing of the bill, which Linda summarizes thusly:

| 'In essence, the bill would negate the federal court rulings that forced the
| removal of the Ten Commandments monument that Moore, then Alabama's
| chief justice, had installed in the state's Supreme Court building.

| The bill would remove the authority of any federal judge to hear any suit
| against a state, federal or local official claiming a violation of the First
| Amendment based on that official's "acknowledgement of God as the
| sovereign source of law, liberty or government."

| And it specifically says that any rulings in this area before the law becomes
| effective aren't binding on the states.

| That's sweeping enough, but it doesn't stop there. The bill would declare
| that federal judges interpreting the Constitution may not rely on anything
| besides "English constitutional and common law."

| Judges, even those on the Supreme Court, could not look to other court
| rulings, administrative rules, executive orders -- and no foreign law,
| dadgummit -- though the bill says nothing about reliance on divine
| inspiration.

| Any judge who entertains a legal claim based on a public
| official's "acknowledgement of God" would be committing an impeachable
| offense.'

I can't add anything to this. Incidentally, if you don't know who Linda Campbell is, it's because she isn't syndicated.



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