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Monday, February 16, 2004

Tutu on Bush and Blair

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu called on "President" George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair to apologise today in London England.

| 'In an evening lecture delivered in Westminster, central London, the Nobel
| laureate said Bush and Blair would reap a revival in credibility if they
| apologised for waging a war that left the world "a great deal less safe".
| "How wonderful if politicians could bring themselves to admit they are only
| fallible human creatures, and not God, and thus by definition can make
| mistakes," Tutu's speech said, according to an advance copy.
| "Unfortunately, they seem to think that such an admission is a sign of
| weakness," Tutu said.
| "Weak and insecure people hardly ever say 'sorry'. It is large-hearted and
| courageous people who are not diminished by saying, 'I made a mistake.'
| "President Bush and Prime Minister Blair would recover considerable
| credibility and respect if they were able to say, 'Yes, we made a mistake'." '

Wise words. Not that an apology from Shrub would make a difference in whether or not I vote for him. I merely present it as good advice. Incidentally, it would make a minor difference in how I feel about Tony Blair. I've waffled when it comes to him. Sometimes I think he's a great guy, and other times I think he's a tool. No, that's a lie. I always think he's a tool. He allowed himself to be used by the Junior administration, and now he's stuck. It didn't help him in my eyes that the Hutton report was a complete snow job.

Here's hoping that the Iraq "independent" committee didn't take notes. Not that I'm holding my breath.



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