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Friday, February 13, 2004

Helen Thomas is a beast

And it's good to have her jumping down resident idiot Scott McClellan's throat. Josh Marshall has the exchange here.

Why oh why does McClellan not answer? It makes absolutely no sense. If he answers in the affirmative (that Bush did in fact have to perform community service as punishment), then the press corps would simply move on to the next question, and the "President" would be no worse off. As many people have pointed out, what Shrub did 30 years ago doesn't really matter. What does matter is that he continues to stonewall and avoid his past. Freud would say that he has some sort of problem (if I knew Freud better, I might could specify that problem, but I don't). If Junior would simply own up to his past, he would be much better off because of that. Instead, he continues to lose trust. It's akin to a story I was told in middle school about a group of ostriches. They were convinced that when they stuck their heads in the ground, they became invisible, and that everything would simply pass through them without harming them. Of course, when a nearby herd of elephants stampeded and the ostriches stuck their heads in the ground instead of running, they were trampled. The administration seems to think that they can stick their heads in the ground and pretend that there is no problem. They're going to get trampled underfoot if they don't look up to see the stampede.



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