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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Edwards drops out

It is not yet official, and will not be until a press conference or some such tomorrow, but John Edwards has decided to drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination.

It's a crying shame. He is charismatic, a wonderful speaker, and from all accounts, a good person. We need more of those in politics. Here's hoping he gets the vice presidential nod.

Oddly, my man Howard Dean won the Vermont primary, albeit two weeks too late.

POSTSCRIPT: I think this could turn out to be bad for Kerry. With Edwards out, and Kerry the nominee in all but name, the focus of the media is no longer on the race for the Democratic nomination. There's no reason for the focus to be there. Now, all of a sudden, Bush has the spotlight back. While he may completely flub the opportunity, I have my doubts. He's a dumbass, yes, but he and his campaign team are still as shrewd as ever. The attacks on Kerry start on Thursday, with the release of the campaign's first television ad. (Yes, I know, the attacking started a couple of weeks ago, but now it's official.)

All that said, and while the campaign was not as long as I would have liked, I do believe that the campaign was long enough. If it had ended two weeks ago, I would have thought differently. However, in the last two weeks, some of the candidates (I'm talking about you, Edwards) finally starting attacking Kerry. He finally had to fight off his opponents. It wasn't near what the Bush administration is going to do, but it was enough to allow Kerry to get his feet wet in defending himself. He defended himself well enough to put aside at least some of the doubts that I had. He proved that he could use his experience to defend himself, and also to set policy.

To sum up my thoughts, I still think Bush has to pull a miracle to win re-election. Unfortunately, that miracle resides in Afghanistan (or Pakistan, depending on the day). While I genuinely hope that Osama bin Laden is caught very soon, I very seriously hope that the people of the United States still see Shrub for what he is: a lying bastard. I have faith in the people of the U.S.



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