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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Campaign 2004

With the Democratic nomination wrapped up by John Kerry, I'm going to focus on a couple of points. First, after listening to parts of a speech that GWB gave yesterday, I believe, I think I finally have put my finger on what exactly is so irritating about our "president". It has nothing to do with his political views or anything of substance. Those things upset me about the man, but they don't irritate me. My irritation only comes when I hear him speak. Four three years, it has eaten at me. I could not hear his voice without becoming inexplicably angry. It seems to me that he could have been pushing a liberal agenda, and I still would have been irritated. Obviously, that's not very logical. Now, that's not to say that I'm a completely logical person. I do like to at least have all of my feelings be logical, though; that is to say, I like to be able to explain why I feel a certain way, without appealing solely to emotion. However, for the longest time, I could not logically explain my irritation with Shrub's speaking. Of course I knew there was a better than 50% chance that he was lying his head off, but that didn't justify my intense aggravation.

As I said, I believe I have found the source of my anger: the man does not enunciate. He leaves off his G's on -ing words. He leaves the "th" off of "them". He says "Amurca" and "turrist". Now, I'm not a grammar bitch, but I think that the leader of any nation should be able to pronounce every syllable, and at least sound semi-educated. Instead, this man sounds like he just got out of third grade at Podunk, TX Elementary School. (No offense to people who went to a Podunk school; my sisters are at one, and it is a fine school. I was there myself for a couple of years, before my mom kicked me over to my dad.) If the POTUS would learn to talk good, I might be more willing to listen to the guy. Might.

On a completely unrelated front, David Brooks is a moron. In an interview on NPR's All Things Considered, he claimed that John Kerry has yet to be tested. It was quickly pointed out to him by E. J. Dionne that Kerry started out ahead in most polls last year, then fell far behind, and was written off by many pundits as few as two weeks before Iowa, then pulled off a stunning comeback that left everyone in his wake. It was also pointed out that the 1996 Massachusetts Senate race between Kerry and then-governor Bill Wells was one of the toughest (yet cleanest, as far as personal dung is concerned) campaigns in recent memory. Kerry was behind for most of that race, but pulled ahead in the final weeks and won reelection.

Also, Brooks said that, among other things, the Republican strategy was to label Kerry as a Massachusetts liberal. Who knew?



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