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Friday, April 02, 2004


NOW with Bill Moyers is a great show, and should be required watching for everyone. Today, Bill conducted an interview with former Richard Nixon staffer John W. Dean, whose book Worse than Watergate was just released this past week. Dean contends in this book that the Bush administration shrouds itself in a cloud of secrecy thicker than any in United States history, including Nixon's. He also contends that Bush is more impeachable than Nixon was, because unlike Nixon's lies and cover-ups, Bush's have led to the deaths of about 600 soldiers and countless civilians.

There was also a fascinating segment by David Brancaccio at the end about gas prices. Specifically, Brancaccio sited the Bush ad from last week that said John Kerry had "wacky ideas" about gasoline, citing his vote ten years ago for raising the gas tax by $.50. Brancaccio then quoted an expert who said that ironically, if that tax had passed, we might have lower gas prices. This would happen because with the short term higher prices that would have occurred in the wake of a much higher gas tax, more people might have bought more fuel efficient cars, instead of gas-guzzling SUVs. With more fuel efficient cars on the road, demand for gas might have been lower, which would have the effect of lowering gas prices. Obviously, this is all speculation, but it is very interesting, and does make sense.

Be sure to visit the NOW website for more, and probably better, information.



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