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Monday, March 22, 2004


My dad and step-mom's wedding on Saturday was absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was in my home church, a large Baptist church that looks more like a Catholic cathedral. It was a mostly traditional wedding, but included some details that were new, at least to me. There were no groomsmen or bridesmaids, at least not officially. My dad and step-mom actually sat for most of the wedding, during the first part. They processed to the front together, instead of my father already being at the front and having her meet him. Before they processed in, a rather large group of people who are important in their lives or had served a special role in during other times in their lives came down the aisle, bearing important artifacts from our lives. I brought in a family Bible, written in the 1670s in the Netherlands. My little sister, wearing Converses under her gorgeous pink dress, brought in a Horned Frog statuette, representing TCU, where my step-mom is finishing her doctorate, and my father is a staff member. Other old friends and family members brought in candles.

The ceremony itself was unforgettable. We sang what is probably my favorite hymn of all, Be Thou My Vision. Various friends read scripture, prayed, and blessed the marriage. Before the vows were exchanged, we took Communion. During Communion, my step-mom's brother and sister, along with my two sisters and I, went to the front to be with our dad and step-mom and the two pastors. We stayed for the rest of the service as they exchanged vows and slipped on their rings. After they were pronounced husband and wife, they moved to the center of the sanctuary, where the entire congregation performed a laying on of hands. This is a form of blessing, where each person places a hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them. The people who can reach the couple place their hands on the couple. This connects everyone. It is a powerful symbol.

This wedding brought to conclusion a long, stressful, wonderful week. Even with all of the rushing around and worrying, happiness and love could be felt everywhere. Even cramming my dad's entire family into our house was wonderful. I only hope that someday I will love someone as much as my dad and step-mom love each other.



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