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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Finally, I'm back

I am finally back to blogging. I've been out of commission for the past week because, frankly, this has been a frantic, long, and weird week for my family and me. My father is getting married to a beautiful, incredible woman today. We his family are all very happy for both of them. We have spent most of the last two days meeting the rest of her family, and last night, our family came over from Florida and Georgia. They had already met my dad's fiancee over Christmas, but yesterday they met her family. Everybody has been great. It has not been like one of those nightmare weddings I have seen joked about in movies, such as Meet the Parents.

Today, at 4:00, they wed. It is going to be a different service, to be sure. It will be mostly traditional, but they have added some beautiful liturgy that I want to be sure and remember. I will probably post more on this later today or tomorrow. I cannot wait.



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