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Friday, March 12, 2004


I haven't posted on Spain yet because I really don't know what to make of it. However, I found this very interesting. 8 million people took to the streets in peaceful marching throughout Spain today. According to the article, 2.3 million people gathered in Madrid alone. I have never heard of a protest/vigil this large. Ever. This is a tremendous, incredibly moving show of solidarity in Spain. There were marches of support in other cities around the world, including in Washington, D.C. These attacks, as horrible as they were, are unifying the world in a way not seen since the days after September 11, 2001. We must be careful; we cannot politicize the attacks. We should continue to show our support for Spain, and for all of Europe, just as they did for us in the aftermath of 9/11. We should help them in any way needed, or stay out of the way if they wish us to. This is their moment, and we should respect that, while standing with them.

UPDATE: According to the paper this morning, March13, the number was 12 million people.



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