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Thursday, April 08, 2004


It ain't my fault (did I do that?).

That was the general theme of Condoleezza Rice's testimony this morning, just like it was for almost all of the testimony two weeks ago. George did his dead level best with the info he had, even though he didn't consider al Qaeda to be the threat that he now considers it to be, but wait yes he did, even though he had zero cabinet principals meetings about terrorism, but there was that daily briefing on August 6, but...ow, my head.

Condi kept trying to stick to talking points, such as the fact that there was no "silver bullet," that just "shaking trees" would have gotten us nowhere, that Bush was tired of "swatting at flies," blah blah blah. The heroes on the commission today were Richard Ben-Veniste, Bob Kerrey, and Tim Roemer. All three of them kept at Dr. Rice (though Kerrey was having a little trouble with her name, repeatedly calling her "Dr. Clarke"), and in the end, I think Dr. Rice came across as very political and as a question-dodger. Kerrey also accused Dr. Rice of filibustering the questions, giving longer answers than was necessary so as to keep from answering more questions than she wanted to. I tend to agree with Kerrey.

According to the Chairman of the commission, they will be asking Dr. Rice to come back and testify in private again. Also, the commission asked the White House to declassify the Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) of August 6, 2001. It appears that the White House will once again refuse, then cave under pressure as they have so often in the last couple of months. Time will tell.

Here is the 9-11 Commission website.

UPDATE: Apparently I was wrong. The White House is set to release the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing today (Friday). It seems that they decided that the two months they have spent stonewalling this already was plenty.



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