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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Kerry to accept nomination at Convention

The Boston Herald (among others) is reporting that John Kerry will formally accept the nomination of the Democratic Party at the Democratic National Convention in July, ending speculation that he might delay formally accepting until the Republican National Convention in August. He was considering the delay so that he could continue to spend unlimited amounts of money on the campaign, just as George Bush will be able to do until his convention. Instead, Kerry will have to string out the $75 million in federal money for a month longer than Bush will have to.

I'm a little disappointed that it had to turn out this way. It had the chance to be a brilliant maneuver. Kerry could have said that he would delay accepting, because the late date of the Republican convention was going to put him at a severe disadvantage. Furthermore, he could have pointed out the obvious fact that the Bush team was using the late date of their convention not only to take advantage of the campaign finance system (by not having to start using the $75 million so early), but that they are exploiting the deaths of 3000 people for political gain. I don't think I've seen one mainstream news source point that out. (I may be wrong, and if I am, correct me.)

Instead, Kerry was double-crossed. According to the article, no one was supposed to know the Kerry campaign was even thinking of waiting to accept the nomination until several weeks from now. Unfortunately, because the information was leaked early, before Kerry had actually decided what he was going to do, the decision was essentially made for him. The Republican leadership jumped all over him, claiming that he was going to play the Boston people, and that they would never do such a thing to the people of New York. As I pointed out in the above paragraph, that is obviously not true. Now, Kerry is stuck with having to string out the money. Hopefully, by the time the conventions roll around, Kerry will have a large enough lead that it won't matter.

Yeah right. Fortune is never that favorable to the Democrats.



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