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Monday, April 12, 2004

Bush schedules press conference

President Bush has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow night at 8:30 EDT. It will be nationally televised. If you can stand his lack of enunciation, and the probability that Helen Thomas will not be there (or will be relegated to the back row), therefore assuring that the President will not have to answer any questions harder than "When is your next photo op," then you should watch. I will try, though I also have a chalkboard that needs to have nails raked across it.

Also of importance tomorrow are the 9-11 commission public hearings. They will begin at 9:00 EDT, and included on tomorrow's schedule are former FBI director Louis Freeh, former Attorney General Janet Reno, and current AG John "Edgar" Ashcroft. I can only assume that NPR will be broadcasting the hearings, but I cannot find any confirmation. Tune in to your local NPR station at the appropriate time tomorrow, and find out. If you have cable or satellite, finding the hearings will be easier. Just flip to C-SPAN.

Here is a full schedule for the commission hearings tomorrow.



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