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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Faith and politics

Linda Campbell (about whom I have written before), wrote a column in Thursday's Fort Worth Star-Telegram (sorry, requires registration) discussing the recent statements by a few Catholic leaders saying that pro-choice Catholic politicians cannot receive Eucharist. As I said in the previous post about her, Campbell is one of my favorite columnists, and she did not disappoint me here:

It's possible to consider abortion evil yet believe that politicians who never will get pregnant -- much less be poor, desperate and pregnant -- should not be deciding categorically what legal options should be available for all women under all circumstances.

Unfortunately, it's easier in an election year to spotlight volatile issues rather than those that ought to be more urgent.

When Call to Renewal, a multidenominational group of religious and lay leaders dedicated to eliminating poverty, held a conference this week in Washington to put that issue on the election radar screen, neither Kerry nor President Bush attended, though both sent surrogates.

For many of us, religious faith doesn't equate with rigid ideology.

Faith shouldn't demand the Ten Commandments in every public building; it should demand a recommitment to fairness and justice for all in our society, particularly the least among us.

Faith shouldn't condemn those who don't adhere to a narrow worldview; it should guide the search for common ground in order to solve problems through tolerance, understanding and creative cooperation.

Faith should be a tool for persuasion, not for playing political chicken.

Go read the whole thing (though I've already spoiled the ending).



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