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Monday, October 18, 2004


I, the writer of this blog, hereby officially endorse John Kerry for President. I also officially endorse Morris Meyer for U.S. Congress, Darrel Cox for state representative, Andrew Hill for state senate, and a "no" vote on the Arlington Cowboys stadium referendum. Not that it's going to make one whit of difference. Chances are decent that, at least in this county, I'm going to lose every single one of those. But at least I'm endorsing those that I believe in.

Not so my hometown paper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. In one of the strangest and worst endorsement editorials I have ever read, the Star-Telegram endorsed George W. Bush for re-election. They ran off a list of President Bush's failings, which are many. It was actually a very good and concise indictment of his administration and its policies. But then, after all of that, the paper went ahead and endorsed him anyways. They said that they saw potential for the president from his days as governor.

As governor?!? Four years ago?!? I have to ask: What is the better measure of how President Bush will govern these next four years? The six years he spent as governor in a state where the governor has very little real power? Or the last four years, when he was, you know, president?



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